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Best & Spruill currently consists of two attorneys, each licensed in both state and federal jurisdictions, with a variety of experience, education, and skills.  While each of our attorneys has specific areas of expertise, we employ a team approach in handling our cases.  This unique strategy results in each attorney having a working knowledge of all of our cases and the ability to respond quickly when clients request assistance.  Seldom are we forced to delay client inquiries because a specific attorney is out of reach.  We strongly believe that in this day of complex litigation and to maintain our competitive edge, our team approach makes us better able to protect the interest of our clients.

Best & Spruill has the ideal mix of knowledge, experience, and skills to handle multiple types of lawsuits no matter how complicated or simple they may be.  We know from experience that what can seem like a simple case or issue can easily become a quagmire of legal procedural nightmares.  With our skills, we are prepared to drive the simple or the complex situations to an expeditious and successful conclusion within the circumstances of the courts and legal system. 

Our goal is to provide problem resolution and legal assistance for reasonable fees.  We will not turn away any client with a presenting justifiable issue, no matter how small or large, as long as they are willing to work out and comply with a payment schedule. 

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This website contains an overview of the practice experience and focus areas of the firm, as well as general information.For more information about the firm, please contact us via email: , by phone: 512-257-2104, or by mail at the following address:Best & Spruill, P.C., 6805 N. Capital of Texas, Suite 330, Austin, TX 78731. Best & Spruill, P.C.'s attorneys are licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas. Attorneys are not board certified by the Texas Board of Specialization. WebDesign by mi