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Labor and Employment Law

Labor and Employment Law - (sexual harassment; gender; race, age, and religious discrimination; and retaliation)

The workplace is an entirely different environment than it was 20 years ago.  Laws related to the workplace have changed and these changes have required management at all levels, no matter how large or small the business or company, to change to accommodate these laws.  For those owners and managers who cannot or will not embrace this ever changing world, they run the risk of involving themselves and their companies in EEOC claims that may result in lawsuits. 

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination.  Companies are also required by law to provide training and seminars to assist employees at all levels in understanding their individual responsibilities related to maintaining a safe and non-discriminatory workplace environment.  But in spite of a company’s best efforts, not all companies are successful in eliminating discriminatory practices.    

Best & Spruill attorneys understand the impact of the emotional and mental damage on individuals and groups who have experienced discrimination.  We believe an individual or group who has experienced discrimination deserves the best representation possible to correct and/or compensate victims for actions taken against them.  Our staff has experience representing both employers and employees in state and federal employment matters from the EEOC or state employment commissions’ stages all the way through trial and appeal if necessary.  Examples of discrimination include but are not limited to, wrongful discharge/termination, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act, and unemployment compensation disputes.  We have an excellent track record for producing positive results for our clients involved in all types of employment and workplace disputes.

Our experience successfully representing employees and employers in employment disputes allows Best & Spruill to offer valuable in-service training and seminars to assist human resource departments in providing training to all levels of staff on appropriate workplace behaviors.



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