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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the billing structure work?
A:Best & Spruill uses various types of billing structure depending upon the type of case. These include flat rate fees, hourly rates/fees, and contingent fees. We require a retainer for most cases, and invoice monthly or quarterly. We accept payment by credit card and will accept payment plans on a case by case basis.The first hour of an initial consultation is offered at no charge.



This website contains an overview of the practice experience and focus areas of the firm, as well as general information.For more information about the firm, please contact us via email: , by phone: 512-257-2104, or by mail at the following address:Best & Spruill, P.C., 6805 N. Capital of Texas, Suite 330, Austin, TX 78731. Best & Spruill, P.C.'s attorneys are licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas. Attorneys are not board certified by the Texas Board of Specialization. WebDesign by mi