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Appellate Law

Appellate Law(Appeals from trial courts including mandamus; motion for new trial; appeal briefs; oral arguments; state and federal jurisdictions)

During the litigation process, rulings from judges may result in determination of a lawsuit prior to reaching a jury.  In addition, certain rulings before and during a trial can change the outcome of a case.  A trial may only be the first step in seeing a case to conclusion. 

When a principle of law or a ruling adverse to a party occurs, it may be necessary to request the area appeals court to decide the matter.  An appeal and/or mandamus process can involve the highest court in Texas, possibly the U.S. Federal Circuit Appeals Courts, and – in rare occasions, the U.S. Supreme Court.  Deciding when to appeal a particular ruling involves numerous factors.  Best & Spruill has the experience to know when to take the next step, and has successfully argued before state and Federal Courts of Appeal. 




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