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General Civil Litigation

General Civil Litigation - (HOA disputes; contract disputes; slip & fall; premise liability; accidental injury)

When individuals or others such as a company are harmed by some type of entity, the dispute may proceed to civil litigation.  If you have been sued or have had a complaint made against you, you will need a civil trial attorney to help you through the dispute.  If you have been harmed in some way through certain speech, writings, mental and/or emotional injury, a physical injury, loss of property, loss of a legal right or any other injury or harm, you may need a trial lawyer to help you either defend yourself or to recover for your injury.  General civil lawyers are trial lawyers who provide these services. 

Best & Spruill, P.C.’s attorneys have a wide variety of general civil litigation experience, including: 

  • personal injury claims,
  • premises liability,
  • non-subscriber workers’ compensation,
  • principal-agent liability,
  • contract disputes,
  • litigation involving state and federal agencies and governmental subdivisions,
  • insurance coverage disputes,
  • Deceptive Trade Practices,
  • consumer protection,
  • general insurance law,
  • business commercial litigation



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